Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Week 1

So here are a few pics of the items I have bought.
Black Maxi $68, Maroon Maxi $44, Tea Length Polka Dot $75
Pant outfit: Pants $60 Top $38

Keds $44, Toms $68

Sailor Top $53, Jeans $50
Blouse $43, Skirt $53
Shirt $38, Shorts $56

Jacket $50, Skirt $38

Thats about 778 dollars that I have spent this year and that is not all that I bought there the rest will be included later but here are a few pictures of what i wore this week.

TALLY:  Black Maxi: I
               Maroon Maxi: I
               Jeans: II
               Sailor Top: I

So Comment any ideas as to where this blog should go after this I'm thinking I might do a competition in the fall. I will submit the idea for the competition next week and hopefully some of you will participate. There will be prizes!! 

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