Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Week 1

So here are a few pics of the items I have bought.
Black Maxi $68, Maroon Maxi $44, Tea Length Polka Dot $75
Pant outfit: Pants $60 Top $38

Keds $44, Toms $68

Sailor Top $53, Jeans $50
Blouse $43, Skirt $53
Shirt $38, Shorts $56

Jacket $50, Skirt $38

Thats about 778 dollars that I have spent this year and that is not all that I bought there the rest will be included later but here are a few pictures of what i wore this week.

TALLY:  Black Maxi: I
               Maroon Maxi: I
               Jeans: II
               Sailor Top: I

So Comment any ideas as to where this blog should go after this I'm thinking I might do a competition in the fall. I will submit the idea for the competition next week and hopefully some of you will participate. There will be prizes!! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rocky Start...

Ok so I realize I am already doing poorly at this blog thing, I started while I already had to many things going on but now have finished my semesters with 3-B's, and 2- A's and finished my social media internship.
Here we go. By next friday I will be posting the wardrobe that I bought for this summer. In my previous post I mention a pair of shoes that I bought last time and I decided that I had to show those as well. So here is a picture of them...
Follow me to see the wardrobe posts. Also, I am cooking up a contest to do if I can get to 100 followers.

Friday, May 3, 2013

My Fashion Filosophy.

I have tried to have a blog and all of them go dead after a while.
But I have decided to share my Fashion Filosophy with all you guilty shoppers and see if I can maintain this blog for at least a year.

I have bought 1 bathing suit, 3 pairs of shoes, one purse, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, 4 tops, 2 skirts, 1 jacket, 1 sweater, and 3 dresses for this summer and although they are all items I love I am regretting it and so is my wallet!! But I have come up with a way to stop myself from buying more and make them cost less.

Here is my Fashion Filosophy: PRICE / WEARS= COST

For example last year I bought these beautiful pink patent leather pumps, with a very modern looking grey bow, they were about 250 dollars. Which was way out of my price range but I paired them with a grey sheath dress that only cost 8 dollars.  The price of these shoes: 250 dollars, the wears: 8 over the summer. Lets do the equation 250/8=31.25. 31.25!! Those are shoes i can afford!

So for this summer I will not be buying anymore clothes but wearing only what I have. In my next few posts I will be posting pictures of the clothes I bought and the prices and then pictures of the times that i wear them and by the end of the summer I will equate the COST of every item.